Educational Law

The Firm provides skilled representation to clients in the public and private sectors throughout the pre-school, primary, secondary, and collegiate levels.

Education clients have unique needs. The Firm has served schools in matters involving school finance, student rights, special education, risk management, employment, construction, occupational safety, employee benefits, litigation, real estate, and electronic communication/technology issues, among other concerns.

The Firm assists clients in such employment relations matters as the processing of contract terminations and non-renewals, the defense of employment discrimination, wrongful discharge, and workers' compensation claims, and the handling of civil service and occupational safety compliance issues. Additionally, the Firm provides legal counsel with regard to employee benefit issues.

The rapidly evolving area of student rights has become an increasingly central concern to public school systems, affecting an array of educational policies and procedures. The attorneys have extensive experience in advising clients on adapting to new statutes and constitutional challenges concerning attendance and expulsion policies, access to student records, special education, and policy issues such as drug abuse prevention and serious communicable diseases, including AIDS.

The environmental law practice area can assist with issues such as asbestos abatement, hazardous waste control, underground storage, and environmental auditing and compliance. Our real estate and environmental law attorneys handle land use and zoning, as well as site and easement acquisition.

Members of the real estate and education law practice frequently address current legal issues for school administrators and teachers through publications, presentations, and seminars. New techniques in contract negotiations; compliance with special education statutes and regulations, as well as other laws protecting persons with disabilities, including the IDEA, section 504, and the ADA; current developments regarding child abuse and neglect.

Skilled Senior Attorneys


The firm provides skilled representation to clients under the supervision of skilled senior attorneys. The firm is well established such that its most Senior Attorney, Mr. Fred Walker passed away in the recent past but left behind his knowledge and integrity as examples of the way, we feel, a law firm should conduct itself. The younger members have assumed leadership of the firm (50-70 years of age) and exemplify the ethics and skill which Fred Walker will be forever remembered for at the firm.