Construction Law

Construction, involving any improvement or alteration to real property (“real estate”), including demolition work to clear a site, is subject to all of the principles and doctrines of law, under the broad, general classification of Construction Law. The basic principles of law and equity affecting real property have evolved from a broad body of basic laws, regulations, standards, practices, custom, usage, codes and technology.

Contract terms and definitions in construction contracts are very important, because they eliminate ambiguity and misunderstanding; they also govern the specific understanding and agreement of the parties to the contract, and provide the framework for interpretation and resolution of construct contract claims under the laws of each state.

In the Government contracts arena, these contracts are further regulated by the Federal Acquisition Regulation, Davis Bacon Laws, Cost Accounting Rules, Truth in Negotiation Act, and Procurement Integrity – just to name a few.

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Skilled Senior Attorneys


The firm provides skilled representation to clients under the supervision of skilled senior attorneys. The firm is well established such that its most Senior Attorney, Mr. Fred Walker passed away in the recent past but left behind his knowledge and integrity as examples of the way, we feel, a law firm should conduct itself. The younger members have assumed leadership of the firm (50-70 years of age) and exemplify the ethics and skill which Fred Walker will be forever remembered for at the firm.