Senior Attorneys

  • P1014072

    David Rose

    David A. Rose, Esq., is a senior member of the firm practicing throughout the United States and i...

  • Img_0462

    Gary Moser

    Gary L. Moser is a senior attorney at the firm with over 35 years of practice experience. He is p...

  • Profile_20picture

    Denton C.. Hill

    Mr. Hill brings to the firm of Moser Rose a wealth of education in the fields of Economics, Trust...

  • Tripp

    William Tripp. Castleberry

    William Castleberry III is assigned to the Government Contracts Section of the firm

Skilled Senior Attorneys


The firm provides skilled representation to clients under the supervision of skilled senior attorneys. The firm is well established such that its most Senior Attorney, Mr. Fred Walker passed away in the recent past but left behind his knowledge and integrity as examples of the way, we feel, a law firm should conduct itself. The younger members have assumed leadership of the firm (50-70 years of age) and exemplify the ethics and skill which Fred Walker will be forever remembered for at the firm.